Fulfillment Programs

Fulfillment programs offer a company, group, sports team or organization the ability to feature pre-determined decorated items for sale via an online store to employees, customers or members.  Fulfillment programs are a great option for fundraising.  We offer Stocked programs or Pre-sell programs, which can be live year-round or launched for only limited periods of time.  Since every program is unique, our team would be happy to meet with you and determine what type of program will best address your goals.



Stock Stores

Decorated merchandise is held in stock at our Middleton WI facility and product is shipped to order.  We work closely with our client to determine product selection, handle all inventory management and regularly analyze sales performance.  The pros of a stock store are that orders are turned quickly and there are no minimum order requirements. The cons of a stock store are that the client has inventory liability and if sales are slow, it can be difficult to incorporate new/fresh offerings.



Pre-Sell Stores

Ideal for annual events, fundraisers or when inventory liability isn’t an option, pre-sell stores collect orders for a set period of time and then the orders are produced and shipped.  A pre-sell store may be put up and down once or may remain up with rotating order windows.  The pros of a pre-sell store include no inventory liability and it is very easy to offer new products.  The cons of a pre-sell store are extended lead-times and reaching minimum order quantities associated with the product not decorated at Top Promotions.