My Top Moment

At Top Promotions, we’re fortunate to partner with some amazing organizations. With that in mind, we decided to find out why they do what they do. We sat down with them and asked “What is your ‘Top Moment’”? The answers are in the videos and testimonials below.


UW Adapted Fitness


UW Adapted Fitness promotes leaving perceptions of limitations behind! This awesome group works to encourage fitness for everyone and Top Promotions is proud to work with this team. Check out their story and #TopMoment.

VSA Wisconsin


VSA Wisconsin is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses dance, drama, creative writing, music, and visual art to celebrate the creative power and artistic accomplishments of children and adults with disabilities throughout Wisconsin.  Top Promotions is honored to print the shirts worn by VSA for their day at Camp Randall. Watch the #Top Moment video to learn more about what being on the field at Camp Randall means to one VSA member. 

Edgewood High School


Top Promotions is proud to provide apparel for Edgewood High School and honored they were willing to share a #TopMoment with us. 

Badger Honor Flight


Badger Honor Flight entrusts Top Promotions with outfitting their volunteers, the veterans and the veteran’s guests for their honor flight to Washington D.C. It’s our pleasure to work with such a wonderful organization. We are happy to share their #TopMoment and help spread the word of their mission.

Meghan Whalen


Meghan is one of the blind employees at Top Promotions. She fills many roles within the organization and we are grateful for her hard work. She sat down and shared her #TopMoment since becoming an employee. What the full video here!

Kennedy Little League


Augie and Jackson are the voted team captains of Kennedy Little League. Top Promotions outfits their team with everything they need to take the field with confidence. We enjoy partnering with them and being a part sponsor of their team. We wish them the best this season and are rooting for them to go all the way to nationals! Find out what Augie’s #TopMoment was and how the team reacted.