Why us?


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We don’t look at your golf outing as just another golf outing that needs logo’d golf balls, we look at the message your company wants to deliver; your objectives.  We structure our product ideas around delivering that message; which may or may not be a golf ball.  Our team attends tradeshows to keep up to date on what is available in our industry but we use a creative mindset to go beyond the obvious.



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Communication & Responsiveness

Top has a corporate culture that supports communication between departments and a no barriers communication policy with our customers.  This means if we make a mistake, we aren’t going to hide it and hope it isn’t noticed.  We communicate up front and openly.  

We also have an organizational structure that promotes a customer focused sense of urgency, including account managers, inside sales, web support, graphic art and production departments that all stand in support of our sales team and our customers.  





screen print process

On-site Decorating

Most promotional marketing companies do not have their own, on-site production capabilities.  Top Promotions does!  In-house we handle digital printing, screen printing, embroidery, specialty decorating, licensed printing, post-production services, graphic art, hot market printing and fulfillment services.  We do this all under our roof which means we have full control.



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On-time Delivery 

We understand that due dates are generally not flexible so we make sure projects are done right and on schedule and in the rare instance where a project is going off schedule, we communicate!  And with our on-site decorating and the control that brings, we aren’t depending on someone else to keep our schedule.



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Staff Empowerment & Company Culture

Our employees are empowered to make decisions on the spot in the best interest of the customer, we hate bureaucratic red tape so we eliminate the need for it.  We believe if an employee, in their gut, knows the right move to make, they should go ahead and do that because we trust and support their decisions.