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Tips for Planning a Successful Tradeshow
Tips for Planning a Successful Tradeshow

For years our industry hosted a traveling tradeshow through the Mid-west in the fall. Year after year, we noticed (and vendors confirmed) that the bulk of the show attendees were our staff and customers. As we reflected on this, we realized we were unnecessarily exposing our clients to the competition, so we decided to host an event of our own. Granted the cost to host such an event was higher than attending the free traveling tradeshow but there are countless benefits and advantages.

When you host a tradeshow, you have control. We carefully select the vendors we invite to display at our Product Showcase. The vendors represent the best of the best of our suppliers who have a history of being top of the line in quality, service and on-time delivery. We aren’t exposing our clients to vendors we’d rather not do business with.

You gain leverage with your vendors. Part of the selection process for which vendors we invite to participate includes what we can get back from those vendors. A private tradeshow is a powerful tool. You are putting your vendors in front of hundreds of clients all within a short timeframe. This can have a tremendous impact on that rep’s sales numbers. That is worth something. Leverage your vendor invitations against long term price agreements, giveaways for the show or free samples.

You control the marketing. We utilize a multi-faceted marketing approach to grow attendance each year. The tradeshow is so useful to our clients that they start asking us when the show is months before the event date. Our clients are our best advertising for the event, but to expand the attendance beyond this we utilize e-blasts, social media, our website, radio/print and personal invitations. Including different marketing approaches touches more potential customers than any one single approach can bring.

You can guarantee year to year improvements. Each year we evaluate past events and find ways to improve the customer experience. We’ve always known that parking is an issue when you have 400+ customers descending on a business park. After trying many different approaches, last year we finally found the solution. We hired a trolley to cruise the industrial park starting 30 minutes before registration opens and ending 30 minutes after the event concludes.  The trolley picks up customers however far away they parked and shuttles them right to the door (and back to their car afterwards). It is important when hosting an event to look at the areas where you may have fallen short in the past and brainstorm ways to cleverly address those challenges. Ask for feedback from your event attendees and take that feedback to heart and do something to make the event better.

You can give a peek behind the curtain. Our clients are busy people. Day to day, the most they want to think about is that we delivered on time and accurately, but on occasion we find our customers love to see how things work. We invite them into our lives and give each client a chance to print a t-shirt, chat with our manufacturing staff and in general get a peek behind the curtain. Showing the inner workings of a manufacturing facility can be exciting and along the way you are able to teach them more about the process you execute to produce the products they order.

You have the chance to say thank you! We take this day to shower our clients with our affection. Hosting an event that provides lunch, has a useful deliverable (product research) and gives our staff the opportunity to say thank you, in person, to the clients that keep us in business is a priceless gift. Making sure our event has a tangible business purpose gives value to our clients.

We strategically plan for both what our customers need from an event to justify attending and what our vendors need to justify the time and expense of exhibiting. By doing this, our event has become so successful that clients fly in to attend and vendors choose to attend our event instead of others held on the same day. This year a competitor 3 states over changed an event date on their end to avoid conflicting with our Product Showcase. A tradeshow takes a tremendous amount of planning but if done right, it can yield tremendous rewards.

Would you like to see the event in person? Please visit www.toppromotions.com/RSVP2017 to reserve your spot today.

Our Approach to Sourcing Promotional Products

Our Approach to Sourcing Promotional Products [Infographic]

Trade show coming up? Launching a new brand? Whatever your need for promotional products, we’ll find them for you. No need to sort through a dizzying array of items, wonder whether they’ll perform as promised, or stress over delivery times. We take the headaches out of the product sourcing equation with a stress-free process that will make your life easier. Here’s the straight skinny on how it works:

1: Assess your promotional needs

We start with a few questions to get the full picture of your business needs and goals, including:

  • What’s your budget?
  • How many items do you need?
  • When do you need to receive your order?
  • Do you have any corporate brand standards we should know?
  • Tell us about your overall expectations.

2: Get in touch with trusted suppliers

We’ve cultivated tight relationships with the best suppliers in the industry so your finished promotional products are high quality and priced right.

3: Find the lowest shipping cost

When we’re deciding on a supplier, we keep your drop ship location keep in mind so we can choose one with the shortest route and least expensive shipping option to best meet your desired delivery date. And with our freight equalization program that cuts shipping costs, your dollar will stretch even further.

4: You get a preview

The final step before production is providing our beloved customers with a digital presentation complete with:

  • Product image
  • Product description
  • Available colors
  • Pricing – with quantity breaks (more is less, in this case)
  • Imprint information
  • Production timelines
  • Production methods
  • Physical samples (upon request)

If you like what you see in the preview, we’ll oversee the ordering and delivery process for you and keep you updated along the way. We like to think of ourselves as personal promotional products shoppers that make it easy for our customers to meet their goals and budget. Ready to get started? Contact us online today!

5 Cool Promotional Items for the Office

Boredom-proof ideas to keep you entertained at your desk. 

If you didn't know that July is National Anti-Boredom Month, we'll forgive you for failing to celebrate. But there’s no reason you can’t start now! We've curated an incredible collection of cool promotional items that will make the office exponentially more fun and motivational – and everyone needs that!

1.     Multi-colored highlighters
A standard highlighter can be pretty boring, but now you can take a walk on the wild side with a version that has 5 colors in one! This 5-prong promotional highlighter (pictured) will add spunk to an everyday collection of mundane office supplies. Stamp your logo front and center, and you’ve got yourself an office tool that feels more like a toy.

2.     Brightly colored stress reliever
The jury is still out on whether or not these gadgets actually relieve stress, but they're fun to play with, excellent for throwing at coworkers, and come in a variety of bright and cheery colors you can customize with your company info. If that’s not the antithesis to boring, we don’t know what is.

3.     Classic yo-yo 
Step up your promo products game with a classic toy – the yo-yo. Contemplating a new business strategy? Not sure whether to take that new opportunity? Amuse yourself with this
fun and nostalgic desk distraction, and your decisions will become clear in no time.

4.     Full color mouse pad
Mouse pads are cool promotional items that add a pop of color to an otherwise boring desk. These round little treasures are picture-perfect and even feature a repositionable adhesive backing. Easily design an exciting and eye-catching layout right on our site, and you've just secured yourself a lively slice of desktop fun.

5.     Trendy headphones 
Turn a lackluster business podcast into a uniquely entertaining experience with these
soft and stylish promotional headphones. Not only are they comfy to wear and come in an array of hip colors, they’re smartly designed too. Simply fold them flat and store in your desk drawer when not in use.

Still not sure which cool promotional items will prevent the most boredom in your office? Contact us online for assistance in selecting just the right promo item to transform any old dull workday into something truly extraordinary.


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